Welcome to Chi Time . . . where we take time to connect with our life force.

What could be more beneficial for our well-being?  Chi Time, owned by practitioner Jasmine Hurtak, offers a variety of modalities and often make use of several or all of them in a custom-made healing plan:

Floatation Tank
When the brain never stops, when inner noise is too loud and stress is your daily companion, you need the deep, deep relaxation of the floatation tank. Whether you use the tank therapeutically for emotional, physical, or mental challenges, a breakthrough awaits you.

Nutritional Counseling
No, it’s not about another miracle diet. It’s about connecting with your body’s real needs, finding peace and enjoyment in the right food for you, creating a lifestyle that makes the best fit with your body type

Plant-Spirit Medicine
Plants are the greatest healers of all. They work on all levels of our being, even in the deep depths of our soul, bringing healing to where the imbalance once started.

Herbal Medicine
The power of plants comes in many forms, including teas, tinctures, syrups, oils, balms, and salves, among others. These nurturing allies assist in restoring a myriad of ailments.

Ahhh . . . take in the wonderful scents of plants in their distilled form. They are soothing and comforting, uplifting and invigorating; they can clear the air and unblock the energies, making portals to other times and events. And much, much more.

Outside Chi Time, Dorset, VT

We invite you to experience these holistic healing methods and re-connect with the deep inner force of life.
Once this life force—your Chi—flows unobstructed, your life becomes what it’s supposed to be . . . an incredible journey.

Take the Road of Self-Empowerment!